Enhancing the Consumer Intake Process for Disability Consumers

Moving into the National Disability Insurance Scheme, The Tipping Foundation recognised the need to have an efficient and customer-centric approach to customer engagement, intake and onboarding.

Impact Co. was engaged to assist Tipping to enhance its current intake process, ensuring that staff and customers have a positive experience, while also driving efficiency.

Approach & Outcomes:

Impact Co. conducted a detailed review of Tipping’s existing intake process highlighting challenges and areas for improvement.

With this knowledge, Impact Co. worked closely with a broad cross-section of the organisation and consumers to design a new intake process, ensuring broad buy-in across various functions at Tipping. This work culminated in the design of a significantly improved intake process, enabling Tipping to conduct the intake process more efficiently and delivering better experiences for incoming customers.

Key activities:

  • Process mapping
  • Process redesign
  • Consumer journey mapping
  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Workshop facilitation
    Shol Blustein