Creating an Innovative Business Concept to Supply Labour into the NDIS



A national provider of disability employment support.


Significant policy and funding changes affecting the social sector were the catalyst for our client. Specifically, it was looking to develop new revenue streams to reduce its reliance on future government funding, while leveraging its existing capabilities and position in the disability market.


We were selected by our client as the preferred provider because of

  • Our understanding of the disability sector

  • Experience in supporting start-ups to conceive and setup successful enterprises; and

  • Our ability to challenge conventional ways of thinking, which was critical for a traditional organisation.


Strategic Solution

The introduction of the NDIS has contributed to massive workforce shortages, particularly amongst disability support workers. Our client identified that this shortage presented an opportunity to develop a new enterprise that supplied support workers direct to NDIS providers.

We explored the commercial viability of the opportunity by conducting extensive market research and experimentation. This included engaging with a number of key disability service providers across Victoria, with the insights from this research being used to inform the design of the concept and business model for the new venture.

Having crafted a concept and business model for the new venture, these were then re-tested with those disability providers that were previously engaged. At this stage, we also engaged with potential support workers to gauge their interest for the new enterprise. This work provided us with the opportunity to validate key assumptions and refine the value proposition for the new enterprise.


Project outcome: 

At the conclusion of the project, we were able to provide the client with a detailed business case for the new venture that outlined:

  • Key elements of the concept and business model

  • Financial projections

  • A deployment strategy and activation plan

The venture ultimately received endorsement from the organisation’s Board, with significant investment made by the organisation to bring the new venture to market.

The success of the initial project is reflected by Impact Co. being re-engaged to undertake the next phase of work for the new venture. This has been done with the view of launching the new offering in 2019. This supplementary work includes journey mapping, user testing and prototyping.


Learnings for Other Organisations:

  1. It is essential that key assumptions underpinning any new development – whether this be a new service, program or venture – be validated early in the design process. This will minimise misplaced investment and also focus the design team on addressing the key needs of the end-users

  2. The creation of a new service, program or enterprise should be done incrementally, piloting each element with end-users to ensure that it is fit-for purpose

  3. Feedback loops with end-users should be embedded in the design and deployment of any new development. This will ensure that the development remains connected with its end-user, and can be continuously improved and/or iterated.


Shol Blustein