Incubator Program Launch Event

At Impact Co., we are committed to inclusion and driving meaningful change in the disability, health and wellbeing sectors. Through innovation, we work with organisations and startups to build on new ideas that challenge the status quo and improve outcomes for consumers, communities and organisations.

Last night marked the launch of our Incubator Program, which was held at our Co.Create co-working space in Moorabbin. The event hosted a panel discussion presented in front of a collection of service providers, entrepreneurs and customers from the sector. 

The panel included Amanda Miller, co-founder of Impact Generation Partners, Daniel Leighton, General Manager Local Area Coordination at the Brotherhood of St Laurence, and Luke Nelson, a disability consumer advocate. Launch Vic representative Andrew Lanigan and the Victorian State Member for Mordialloc, Timothy Richardson, were also present to support the launch. 

The evening began by discussing the opportunities and challenges of current trends in the health and disability sectors. This included a discussion on how disruption was being driven by smaller organisations, which is making the sector more consumer centric. It was identified that these innovations empower people, such as Nelson, living with disability to feel included through the power of choice and being able to play an active role in the community. 

The panel also identified that the current disability ecosystem has historically had a series of large organisations, which are now being disrupted by consumers, whose needs are being met by startups that are focused on delivering services tailored to the user experience. 

Actively involved in the sector for over 17 years, including as a member of the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, Daniel Leighton extended his support for Impact Co., by stating that there is "great value in what a startup economy and eco system can bring [to the sector]."

Our Incubator Program is set to kick off early next year to provide startups and entrepreneurs committed to creating positive social impact with the skills and support to bring their concepts to life. 

Check out the highlights from our event below. 

Shol Blustein